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Heat Reflective Paint | Phoenix Reflecto Seal Paint

With average high temperatures lingering above 100° Fahrenheit during June, July, and August, Phoenix summers are sweltering. To combat the intense heat, homes and businesses spend a great deal of money on cooling costs during the hottest parts of summer. Even then, it can be difficult to escape the oppressive heat during the hottest parts of the day. Heat gain, a process by which unwanted heat enters your home through absorption of the sun's rays, can undermine your air conditioning system's efforts to cool your home or business. Luckily, Envision Painting is here to help! We now offer Reflecto Seal paint, equipped with the most advanced heat-reflective technology available. If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, or if you are simply trying to beat the heat without breaking the bank, contact Envision Painting for more information about Reflecto Seal today!

Inspired by the desert heat here in Arizona, Reflecto Seal is the latest breakthrough in home exterior paints. Exterior paint has been used primarily to decorate and protect buildings for hundreds of years, but now it has a third purpose- keeping your home or business cool. Developed and manufactured right here in the Valley of the Sun, Reflecto Seal is a brand new exterior paint product designed to reflect the sun's heat and reduce your home or business' cooling costs. Using the latest pigment technology, Reflecto Seal reflects infrared rays away from your home instead of absorbing them, reducing surface temperatures up to 25 degrees when compared with traditional paint. Cooler surface temperatures on your building's exterior will reduce strain on your air-conditioning system and improve your energy efficiency, saving you money on your cooling costs.

Reflecto Seal Color

Similar DE Color

Similar SW Color

Baja Sand
Dover Plains (DE 6116)
Slopes (DEC 721)
Stonish Beige (DEC 716)
Travertine (DEC 738)
Beige Intenso (SW 9096)
Deer Valley (SW 7720)
Practical Beige (SW 6100)
Tawny Tan (SW 7713)
Tower Tan (SW 7704)
Coyote Brown
Bison Beige (DEC 750)
Carved Wood (DEC 6125)
Backdrop (SW 7025)
Colonial Revival Stone (SW 2827)
Keystone Gray (SW 7504)
Sticks & Stones (SW 7503)
Sycamore Tan (SW 2855)
Warm Stone (SW 7032)
Desert Spice
Mesa Tan (DEC 718)
Iced Mocha (SW 9092)
Nuthatch (SW 6088)
Dusty Road
Cliff's View (DEC 720)
Beige (SW 2859)
Colonial Revival Tan (SW 2828)
Ginger Root (SW 9095)
Grand Canyon
Warm Hearth (DE 6110)
Oak Creek (SW 7718)
Pottery Urn (SW 7715)
Drifting (DEC 770)
Fine Grain (DE 6213)
Muslin (DE 6227)
Pigeon Gray (DE 6214)
Shady (DEC 774)
Agreeable Gray (SW 7029)
Alpaca (SW 7022)
Colonnade Gray (SW 7641)
Popular Gray (SW 6071)
Wordly Gray (SW 7043)
Modern Verde
Barrel Stove (DE 6216)
Calico Rock (DE 6229)
Egyptian Sand (DE 6207)
Pigeon Gray (DE 6214)
Tuscan Mosaic (DE 6208)
Weather Board (DE 6222)
Wooden Peg (DE 6215)
Northwing (SW 9174)
Quiver Tan (SW 6151)
Sanderling (SW 7513)
Tavern Taupe (SW 7508)
Urban Jungle (SW 9117)
Warm Stone (SW 7032)
Mohave Mocha
Barrel Stove (DE 6216)
Carved Wood (DEC 6125)
Log Cabin (DEA 162)
Teddy Bear (DE 6131)
Chocolate Powder (SW 9082)
Down Home (SW 6081)
Llama Wool (SW 9089)
Mocha (SW 6067)
Nuthatch (SW 6088)
Navajo Cream
Adobe (DEC 726)
Cochise (DEC 761)
Gourmet Honey (DE 6150)
Nomadic Taupe (DE 6192)
Bittersweet Stem (SW 7536)
Croissant (SW 7716)
Macadamia (SW 6142)
Nantucket Dune (SW 7527)
Nomadic Desert (SW 6107)
Quinoa (SW 9102)
Row House Tan (SW 7689)
Tres Naturale (SW 9101)
New Sonoran
Baked Potato (DEC 717)
Hickory (DE 759)
Trail Dust (DE 6123)
Whole Wheat (DE 6124)
Cocoa Whip (SW 9084)
Dry Dock (SW 7502)
Dusted Truffle (SW 9083)
Mexican Sand (SW 7519)
Utaupeia (SW 9088)
Pueblo Trail
Colorado Trail (DE 6117)
Sandpit (DE 6118)
Wooded Acre (DE 6130)
Toasty (SW 6095)
San Tan
Graham Cracker (DE 6144)
Handwoven (DE 6200)
Rocky Ridge (DE 6145)
Tan Pan (DE 6137)
Wooded Acre (DE 6130)
Canoe (SW 7724)
Double Latte (SW 9108)
Farro (SW 9103)
Latte (SW 6018)
Mesa Tan (SW 7695)
Woven Wicker (SW 9104)
Yearling (SW 7725)

The patented pigment technology used by Reflecto Seal can dramatically increase the Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of your home. TSR is a measurement of how much of the sun's rays a surface reflects. A low TSR means that the surface mostly absorbs the heat from the sun's rays. Black asphalt, for example, would have a low TSR. On a very hot, sunny day, black asphalt can become too hot to touch because it has absorbed and stored so much heat from the sun. A surface with a higher TSR reflects more of the sun's energy back into the atmosphere, instead of absorbing and storing it. A highly reflective surface would be much cooler to touch than an absorbent surface. Painting your home with Reflecto Seal paint can drastically raise the TSR of your home, raising the reflectance of your home by as much as 121%!

With Reflecto Seal paint, you can reap all of the benefits of its patented, reflective technology without sacrificing on quality or style. Reflecto Seal is a 100% acrylic, low sheen paint that can be applied to many traditional housing materials, such as wood, concrete, bricks, stucco, and more. Currently available in 12 appealing colors, Reflecto Seal is water and fade resistant and designed to last. In fact, Reflecto Seal paint was originally developed as a deck paint, ensuring that it is well-designed for heavy wear and tear. Designed to preserve your surfaces, Reflecto Seal is made without moisture-trapping elastomeric resins, so you can rest assured that your home will be safely protected from the elements. As an added bonus, Reflecto Seal can actually last up to 15 years before requiring a new application- much longer than most traditional exterior paint, which typically needs to be replaced every 3-7 years.

At Envision Painting, we know how important it is to protect your property with only the best products. However, you also have to be mindful of your budget. Luckily, you do not have to choose between well-priced and high-quality when it comes to the paint on your home or business. Competitively priced, Reflecto Seal simply cannot be beat in terms of quality or value. If you are planning to invest in new paint for your home or business, consider choosing Reflecto Seal to get the most out of your money. Between the energy savings Reflecto Seal offers and its extra-long lifespan, this brand new technology can save you a great deal of hassle and money.

At Envision Painting, we know that your time, money, and property are all valuable to you. If you are interested in saving energy and money on your cooling costs and updating your property with a durable and attractive coat of paint, Reflecto Seal is the best choice for you. Consult with the exterior painting experts at Envision Painting today to get started on your new painting project today!

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