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How To Get The Interior Paint Finish You Envision

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There are several reasons an interior paint job will either turn out well or make you want to redo it all. One is the skill of the person doing the work, another is the quality of paint used, and the other is the colors you choose.

The colors you decide upon for your interior painting project with determine the atmosphere and overall feeling of the space. You’ll need to keep the entire theme and decor of your home in mind when choosing a color so that there’s a unity throughout your home. Knowing what it takes to choose colors and what different combinations will achieve will help you find the perfect colors that make you happy for years to come.

Here are a few tips from our expert Pheonix painting contractors at Envision Painting that can help you choose the perfect colors and combinations for your project.

Getting Professional Help With Interior Painting

Getting help from a pro to choose colors can really give you a lot of advantages. As painting experts, they’ll be very knowledgeable about which colors and combinations will achieve different effects. They’ll have suggestions for you based the effects you’re working to achieve, and they can help you make great decisions.

Consider The Vibe Of The Room You Wish To Achieve

When you’re choosing a color for interior painting, think of the room you’re painting and how you’d like it to feel. A kitchen can be vitalized by yellow or red (or even orange, if you’re feeling adventurous) and bedrooms can feel cozy and relaxing with softer blues or greens. Conversely, a deep, dark red can create romance in the bedroom.

Bright colors have an affect on how large the room feels, and deeper blue-greens can create a formal atmosphere. Think of the mood you’d like to create in a room and try to achieve that with the colors you choose.

But remember: brighter colors are a risky choice. You may be trying to create an energetic and creative atmosphere–and bright colors are capable of achieving this–but with a small misstep, you can ended up creating a nervous, anxious feeling instead. So bright colors can be riskier than deeper and softer ones.

Check The Rooms Lighting As It Will Affect The Paint Colors

The room’s lighting will also make a big difference for your color scheme. If a room is lit with only a few lamps or has other dim lighting, you can get away with brighter colors. And brighter colors can help you use less light, as they’ll reflect more of it.

If a room is kept bright and well-lighted, as kitchens often are, softer colors can help keep a balance of mood. You may still want your kitchen to feel more energetic, though, so keep in mind that none of this is black and white.

Choose Paint Colors Based On Your Existing Decor & Accents

Paint stores can match any color. If you take a sample to them, you can use that color and find the color on a store color sample display. You can then use the color to find a complementary color on the color wheel. With three main colors chosen, you can vary the shade (brightness) and choose a color scheme you love for walls, trim, and accents.

Plainer whites and off-whites can be offset with brighter accents. You may choose a monochromatic theme for an entire room. Whatever the case, make sure you consider your existing decorations or the decorations you plan on using in the room. The entire space will be changed by your wall color, so keep the entire area in mind when making your decision.

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