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Common Causes for Mesa Drywall Repairs

From small touch ups to large scale renovations, there are a slew of things that can be done to make your Mesa house comfortable to live in and always seem to be brand new. One of the things you could look into is having Mesa drywall repairs done. Walls are one of the parts of a […]

Interior Painting Tips to Save Scottsdale Homeowner’s Time

Many Scottsdale homeowners shudder at the thought of interior painting. It is considering a chore: tedious, boring and not much fun. However, by utilizing the following tips, you can decrease painting time and get to the activities that you prefer. Of course you can save the most time by calling a Scottsdale interior painting contractor, but […]

Ten Questions to Ask Your Phoenix Painting Contractor

  Before painting your Phoenix office space: 1. Are the painters fully insured? Painters will say they are fully insured to get the contract. Make sure they provide a certificate of liability insurance and proof of workers compensation coverage. Very often contractors will pay their painters as subs to avoid paying for Insurance. 2. Do […]

Phoenix House Painting Tips

Choosing various colors for your Phoenix house painting is more difficult than what you think. This is because a wrong choice of shade can either make your house appear too subtle or too vivid. Aside from that, a wrong choice of color can lead your house to appear featureless and too plain. On the extreme side, […]

More Interior Painting Tips for Phoenix Homes

Need a painting idea for your Phoenix home? Whether you are looking to freshen up a room or trying to increase your home’s resale value, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for in a new look, talk to your Phoenix painting contractor to […]

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