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Painting Prep Work Is Critical For The Results You Envision

paint prepIf you are revamping the interior or exterior of your home, new paint can really make a difference. However, how well the painting prep work is done will make or break the results. Having your home look its best is a priority, so don’t leave out the preparation which is crucial to achieving the quality results you envision.

Prepping surfaces before painting involves a lot of work, but it is certainly worth it to achieve the results you want. Here are some tips from our painters in Canberra on how to properly prepare surfaces before painting so you get the type of results you are looking for.


Prepping Surfaces For Paint

There are many preparations that get done when a painting contractor handles the work for you. Any surface problems need to be handled before painting. Here are some of the prep tasks that should be done, though not necessarily in order.

The drywall needs to be in good shape as any defects will show after the painting is done. Holes need to be repaired. Any water stained areas should be primed with a water stain primer. Any peeling wall texture needs to be removed and replaced. Any peeling paint needs to be scraped and probably sanded.

Woodwork defects should be repaired. Caulking and weather sealing should be done prior to painting.

Drywall repairs should be taken care of by an experienced contractor. Any mistakes in the woodwork, drywall, or stucco repair will show through the paint.

Most wall structures have either a door, mirror, shelving, cabinetry, fixtures, plumbing, or towel rack affixed which can make this work time-consuming. Surface preparation like taping and covering areas where paint shouldn’t go will take some time. All the doors, mirrors, cabinets, vanities, molding, edges, plumbing, electrical, and other objects should be protected by painters tape and drop cloths or plastic. Carpeting, flooring, furnishings, and landscaping should be protected by plastic.

If there is old wallpaper on the walls, it will need to be removed. There are different types of wallpaper materials, so removal has to be done right or you wind up destroying the drywall surface underneath.


Choosing The Paint

While most homeowners are more concerned with color choices than anything else, the type of paint used is equally vital. A good quality paint is thicker with more intense color. That means that the color is truer, longer lasting, and looks better. But you can only get this with a quality paint. If there’s one area you don’t want to skimp in, it’s the paint, primer, and sealants you use.

Another benefit of quality paint is the warranty. Exterior coating systems can be warranted for a lifetime. Cheap paint is warranted for only about 1 to 3 years. This information is good for determining the quality of paint products you look at. Remember, though, that paint fails most often because of how it is used and whether or not the surface was properly prepared before applying.

Prep work can be extensive and the project difficult, especially because it makes up about 70% of the labor involved in the entire project. Hiring an experienced painting contractor can be a smart decision because you have all the work taken care of with professional results. With help from a pro, any defects in the drywall will be repaired, the surface properly sealed and primed, and only quality paint is used to give you long-lasting, beautiful results.

Many have tackled a painting project themselves in the past, but there is no beating the results that a true professional will achieve. Plus, the process can be really difficult for an amateur when starting the project off by choosing colors and types of paint. The right color and the right type of paint need to be right for the surfaces and space being decorated. This can be hard if you have no industry experience. This is why professional painters are hired all the time.


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