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1. Colors viewed online or on printed paper may appear different than the actual color. We recommend you get an actual sample of paint prior to making your final color decisions. 2. Additional Interior Wall Colors and/or Accent Walls not specified in your proposal will cost $75/each and will be billed accordingly based on your color selections. Exterior, other additional colors or custom designs may require further costs. 3. Envision may have our paint suppliers do a custom match (of existing colors or of other manufacturer’s colors) as a convenience to our customers. Matches will be very close but a perfect match is not guaranteed. If you would like to approve the custom match, you must drop off your sample at the paint store at least 1 week in advance of the job, and approve the sample at least 2 business days prior to the start of the job. 4. The colors submitted herein are our final paint color selections and I/We understand that any changes after submitting will result in additional charges. 5. Not all sheens are available in all paint product lines and some products call the sheens by different names. Envision will determine the best closest sheen available to your request based on the paint product approved in your estimate.
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