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How To Choose Paint Colors For Interior Makeovers

paint prepThere are many decisions you will need to make if you are going to paint your home’s interior. One of the main choices you will make is what paint colors to use. Planning out an interior design will involve textures, colors, and what to pair with what.

Instead of providing a lesson about color and color terminology, we can get down to business to help you choose paint colors for your home. Keep in mind that many have problems with this. Painting a bathroom isn’t all that complicated but choosing the colors can be. Most people shy away from color because they don’t know what will look good together. Even when they’ve chosen, it may look different when the paint color is applied to the entire wall.

One of the best tips you can get is to enlist an Arizona Painting Service. But even before then, you will have to figure out what looks good to you. Everyone is different and this is why the designs in their homes are always different. So ask yourself some questions in order to figure out what you like and what you don’t in terms of paint color.

If you begin the project in this manner, you can begin narrowing down those thousands of paint colors out there!

Figuring Out A Paint Color Scheme

All you need to know about the term “color scheme” is that it refers to a set of colors that should go well together. Take the colors in nature for example. Every color you can think of or imagine exists in nature. If you look at it this way, everything pretty much goes together well so don’t let making decisions about paint colors intimidate you.

There are a few colors in nature that do look ugly. Take, for instance, something in molten green, brown, red, and yellow. This type of color scheme can make someone’s stomach churn. So keep in mind that there are only a few ways you could really mess up.

What Not To Do In Picking Paint Colors

Here are a couple of things to avoid when choosing paint colors for your home.

  1. Too little contrast between similar paint colors.
  2. Throwing too many paint colors into the mix together.

When there are the same bland tan walls, the same bland off-shade carpets, and the same bland furniture in a room, there is no interest. This is something that can make you feel bad when having to spend time in the space. For instance, if all those were in shades of green that are very similar to each other, the interior of the home could look sickly and like it belongs in a hospital or prison.

Conversely, when there are too many colors thrown into the mix, there is nothing for the eyes to focus on. There is too much interest going on. It can make a person feel dizzy just walking in the room.

When there is too little contrast between the paint colors, especially when there are just two or three involved, the space is unappealing and tends to just go away or be uninteresting. And for some reason, this can make our minds think it’s gross.

Enough paint colors need to be involved and they need to contrast with each other enough to create interest. Even monochromatic color schemes, those with different shades of only one color, offer enough contrast between the shades to make them look good together.

Keep It Simple

If you are on your own to pick interior paint colors, try to keep everything simple. The simpler the better. For instance, choose only three colors at most to paint with. You will be adding color in with decorations and furnishings later.

Think of the walls and ceilings as the backdrop of your design. You want your beautiful furniture and decorations to stand out while the wall color supports and enhances them.

It is a lot easier to pick three interior paint colors that will go well with your existing furniture and decorations. Here’s how.

  1. Find a color that you are drawn to in your existing d├ęcor and furnishings. Some people look at pictures in magazines. Try to find a color in a small part of the piece rather than the whole thing. You don’t want to paint your walls the same color as your sofa or recliner.
  2. Pick two colors that will go well with the color you just chose. You can go lighter or darker or choose another color that looks good with it. You want to make sure to have enough contrast between the colors but you don’t want them to be the main focus of the room. So make sure they also go great with your furniture and decorations.
  3. Use one color as the main wall color in the rooms of your house. Paint the hallways in your second favorite and use the third as an accent wall, for trim, or for the ceiling.

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