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Painting For Home Owners Associations

homeowners associationWhether you are a homeowners association member or a property manager, you will at some point be responsible for painting. Since your main goal is to maintain and enhance the property values of the community, you’ll be making decisions about paint colors, painting contractors, and when to repaint.

The covenants of the HOA will stipulate the color scheme for exterior paint that enhances the aesthetic value of the neighborhood. Whether you are painting a specific HOA building or a home in the community, you’ll want to be sure the color is on target with the color palette approved by the association.

The association may have rules about when to repaint a home. For instance, some require repainting every five years while others require it when the paint has faded by 25%.

HOA Painting Contractors

Home owners associations and property managers often like to use or recommend the same painting contractor. It can be very beneficial to develop a relationship with a local painting contractor who you know is reliable. If you are in the position of finding a painting company for the first time, you’ll want to do your research before making a decision.

There are things you’ll want to know about the painting contractor. When you call for estimates, be sure to ask questions. You’ll first need to communicate specific requirements of the HOA to the painting contractor. The HOA will have a standard when evaluating the contractor bids.

The painting contractor should be able to prepare a detailed paint specification with a bid for the project. The paint specification should detail the specific primers, paint product line, and topcoat gloss which will be used.

You’ll want to know the painting contractors references, insurance held, warranty information, and licensing if required. Be sure you choose a painting contractor who regularly works with homeowners associations. You want to be sure they can meet the high standards of this type of work.

You’ll also want to be sure that they supervise the jobs and maintain a clean and safe job site.

Choosing Paint Colors

When painting a home or community building, the paint colors should be pleasing and work well with the landscaping, environment, stonework, roof color, and buildings of the property. You’ll be choosing colors within the color palette approved by the association. Since color can be very personal, it can be difficult to choose a particular paint color within a limited palette.

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